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Today’s technologically inclined generation may consider media discs as out-of-date, yet the reality is you’d be challenged to see a suitable alternative media storage. What’s more, discs provide an especially secure method to keep data as opposed with hard drives or even online storage - computer breakdown and faulty Internet providers will not cause you to lose files saved in a disc. However, durability is not the sole reason people still use CDs and DVDs. One among the most significant features that you cannot acquire from downloading media is the style of the CD packaging alone. 

For musicians and artists who are creating packaging for a CD, there are practically three elements that a CD package should have to qualify it as an excellent design:

Sufficient protection for the disc - The number one role of CD cases and packaging is to shield the disc it contains inside. As such, developers for CD cases must prioritise efficiency over design. This doesn’t mean that you must give up ingenuity and just create something solely utilitarian, alternatively - you can definitely still make any design that you like, just always make sure that the design doesn’t ruin the function of the CD package in the end. Besides guaranteeing sufficient protection, designers should also be certain that CD cases are really easy to open. If a person can’t quickly take out or return a disc, it is likely that they are not going to utilize it again.

Attention-grabbing layouts or design - People today tend to download music and other media files online - in the end, it’s the content that they need. Besides, if the packaging isn’t stylish or memorable, there really isn’t any motivation to purchasing a CD or DVD (except, of course, for the secure storage). Extraordinary and highly creative packaging gives people good reason to go out of their way to pay for a media disc because this is something that you can’t get with a download. For those who are using CDs as promotional materials, design can also play a role in the positive results of the campaign; most individuals will be more than happy to take a look the contents of a CD with an interesting design, while badly designed CDs will very likely be disregarded, or even worse, trashed without ever being explored.

Eco-friendly - Aside from the practicality, one of many factors people prefer to download media nowadays is that it doesn’t need manufacturing processes that can destroy the nature. In addition, if a CD is not being utilized, people may choose to simply dump it and substitute it with a digital copy acquired online, resulting in more garbage. Nature is already suffering from countless pollution-related problems, so the most helpful thing CD developers can do is to employ eco-friendly methods for CD packages, such as soy-based inks and reused items. 

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