Custom-made Ring Binders
Despite the popularity of mobile phones today, there are still many who rely on the efficacy of ring binders.  They are offered in various designs and remain to be must-have items for keeping files and other written information, not only in school but also in corporate settings.

Bespoke ring binders for schools have numerous uses. Some are similar to that of very big Filofax organisers with clamps for documents with no punched holes, pockets for other items and even penholders.  There’s additionally an assortment of designs and colours to select from. In comparison with common notebooks, so many favor bespoke ring binders because they can be used for many school years; they just need filler paper and perhaps a new set of partitioning for each new school year. Another significant positive aspect that ring binders offer is that students don’t need to bring many notebooks for all their classes; they just need to see to it that they have enough paper to write every day’s lessons on. Old lecture notes that are not anymore important can be removed so students can reduce the weight of their book bags.

In a business setting on the other hand, these ring binders are also a smart answer for saving company information as well as other materials, like CDs, business cards, et cetera. They come in single fold and two-fold varieties. Majority of companies tend to opt for logo-stamped ring binders for all their employees to utilize for arranging documents, reports and other types of written documents.  These binders are also utilized for big proposal presentations in which members of the board have to be provided copies of the written proposal and reports for their own evaluation and study requirements. Unsurprisingly, regardless the developments of technology, majority of corporate settings still put in huge value on typical presentation methods that enable the “audience” to go through the material on their own.

Showcase Creative, which makes these paper-over-board ring binders utilized by many companies around the UK, print them in full colour on the finest quality paper, either with a matte or gloss finish and fastened onto thick cardboard. The spine width and binding system are absolutely up to the clients’ preference because these ring binders are made out of scratch to meet clients’ specific specifications. Printed design is always in accordance to what the clients desire. The company moreover provides custom pockets, along with CD fixers to boost the organisation and storage features of the product.

Content resource - From http://www.showcasecreative.com/products/ring-binders/printed-ring-binders/product-printed-ring-binders - the website of Showcase Creative where you can choose different kinds of ring binders for your storing and organising purposes.

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