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For what reason should you intend to keep employees in their places once you’ve employed them? The Australian Human Resource Institute’s findings can be sufficient reason enough. As mentioned in the AHRI’s HRPulse survey of 10.6 million employees, the price of failing to retain employees is $20 billion. During the time your company is undergoing an alarming rate of staff turnover, it’s advisable to look into the matter before you start to pay the costs. From decreased productivity to hiring costs, prevent the fallout from staff turnover with these four successful practices.  

Hire staff the way you would start any long-term investment. Think about what your business highly needs. Be familiar with the job seekers really well on paper and in person.  The quality of workers you acquire starts with your hiring process. You’ll want to ensure that the people who do the hiring for you are implementing a system that will lead to employees who last. Some heads of companies might try to hire people who remind them of themselves when they were young. While that could work for certain businesses, your company would be better off hiring people who will complement each other’s abilities. For instance, in one particular team hire people who are very organised alongside individuals who are very creative.  

Integrate your new employees into the company by means a set of orientation and learning programs like for example mentorship with senior staff. Employee engagement can be achieved by allowing the new staff to recognize that their expertise will be put to good use and that they will gradually acquire new ones which could help them evolve further in your company. By introducing the new staff to an organised series of orientation and learning programs, they will have a more appropriate understanding of how departments work in your company and acquire an idea of how they can contribute to the growth of your company. 

Offer an equilibrium between work and life. The achievements of any company relies upon the abilities and retention of employees. If a lot of your personnel has to remain in the office at long hours for weeks on end or have to stay on during the holidays, you might encounter employee turnover - even in a down economy, as one outplacement firm found out. A Gallup survey even have discovered that more staff members would leave a company mainly because of insufficient job versatility and scheduling as opposed to a lack of job security. So try to offer a balance for your employees. 

Increase retention by investing in a company that specialises in retaining employees. Bring in specialists who will evaluate engagement techniques and retention policies. Determine the reasons for employee turnover. Know what benefits and recognition matter to your workers. An employee retention expert will use an effective system that will allow your company to do the appropriate changes or improvements that will motivate your staff to stay put.   

Businesses that fail to maintain workforce can suffer from lessened productivity, loss of sales and revenue, management downtime, increased recruitment costs, and investment loss on training and development. Don’t allow your business endure such costs. Implement these four successful techniques. Connect and keep your staff members for as long as you’re in business. 

Source - Retention Partners offers employee retention strategies that could help HR Managers and senior leaders lower staff turnover, engage employees and improve sales and revenues.

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