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Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is probably one of the most well-known war treatises in worldwide, and military strategists have used its concepts to guide wars throughout history. This renowned ancient text definitely has its applications in war; but, few people realize that Sun Tzu’s knowledge may also be applied in life as well as business. Jane McKellar, an enthusiastic reader of Sun Tzu’s treatise on war, is among those few.

Ms. McKellar is a businesswoman with extensive knowledge of various worldwide business sectors. She is the brains behind the most successful perfume launch within the history of Australia and was also the driving force behind the performance innovation that has assisted Elizabeth Arden retrieve its position within the beauty industry there. Ms. McKellar shares 3 essential Sun Tzu passages which have influenced how she operates enterprises:

“If you know your enemy and you know yourself, your victory will not be threatened. If you know the terrain and know the weather, the victory is inexhaustible.”

According to Ms. McKellar this passage signifies that success could be acquired by learning about the different players concerned and aspects that can influence business. These players comprise not just the company as well as its rivals, but also the purchasers and product distributors. She relates that she along with her team were able to enhance work productivity in shops through helping vendors of Elizabeth Arden goods know more about the “terrain”; vendors were taught to observe and find out about factors such as traffic in shops, file card systems for customers plus the best time for selling. After this specific simple exercise of “knowing about the terrain”, the corporation reaped a 30 % boost in productivity in a few months.

“Victory in war is not repetitious but adapts its form regularly.”

This particular war principle, says Ms. McKellar, is all about modifying your techniques to conform to today's trends in the industry. She says that businesses are “not going to be victorious if you do the same thing over again.” Sun Tzu’s simple passage serves as note for enterprise to never be extremely at ease with a single prosperous business method mainly because it creates 2 risks that can ultimately help rivals overthrow even powerful brands: first, an excellent marketing strategy, when repeated many times over, can make even reliable products appear unexciting and ultimately, unappealing; second, utilizing the same tactic regularly makes you very predictable, a weakness that rivals can at some point utilize to their edge.

“So the important thing in a military operation is victory, not persistence.”

This last significant quote from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is about identifying if your attempts are not effective, and then adjusting your strategies to adjust to the current industry. Ms. McKellar says that while discipline along with hard work are indeed essential, it’s likewise vital in running a business to learn promptly when a approach is just not working for you to curb your losses and move ahead as well as utilize a more efficient strategy.

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