Customised Ring Binders
Owing to their usefulness, ring binders can be employed for various functions. Naturally, professionals, teachers and pupils use printed ring binders to manage documents and school or work-related materials. Aside from document organisation, you can discover many other ways to utilize ring binders; a few of the most imaginative ways to use ring binders are featured below:

1) CD or DVD storage. If you are short on shelf space for your CD or DVD collection, one way to put away your discs is by utilising a binder. Typically, folders with slots for discs can be found in shops, but if you own an old binder lying around your house rarely used, then why don't you just save your money and utilize that one instead? You can just buy DVD sleeves and place them in the binders. You can also put tabs to classify discs in accordance with genre or you can organise them alphabetically. 

2) Fitness tips or wedding plan folder. When you are attempting to get healthier or if you’re planning a wedding, you might possibly find yourself loaded with many opinions from periodicals that you have read. One method to easily store articles, suggestions and images from publications is by cutting them up and placing them in a binder for later browsing. With this, you don’t have to be concerned about losing precious resources that you can utilize in your physical fitness or wedding plans - you just have to check out a single binder to find what you need! 

3) Handheld entertainment kit for kids. Voyaging with children can be very challenging - you need to supply them with some kind of amusement to keep them from getting bored or else you’ll have to endure unlimited period of asking, “Are we there yet?” You can always stock the backseat with toys, but if your car space is restricted, this may not be an appropriate answer. With a binder fortunately, you can give a whole host of interesting activities - puzzles, colouring pages, jokes and stories to read - without utilizing too much space. You can actually build one binder for each child and your car will still not become packed. 

4) House and finance organiser. As stated beforehand, binders are generally good organising gadgets for students, teachers and professionals. An additional group that can use binders for this reason are families. You can put in any information you like - recipes, family itineraries, invoices and expenses, emergency information - and everyone in the family can rapidly access these when necessary. 

5) Scrapbooking. Scrapbooks regularly have only a restricted number of pages where you can place your pictures. On the contrary, binders can hold as many pages as you need and if you run out of space, you can easily move sheets to another, much larger binder. Using binders for scrapbooking is also quite simple: you just need to punch openings through the pages, slip them onto the clamps, and you’re ready to go.

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