Branding Ring Binders
Brand individuality is a very sensitive matter.  Businesses put a high premium on developing their company’s difference from all other businesses in their industry. From the company’s logo and taglines down to the colours and typescript, a singular mistake in presentation can lead to problems in advertising campaigns. When your business is in the process of giving away ring binders to customers or to the press, reflect on these fundamental techniques prior to organizing a run of 100 and more units.  

Consider the function of your personalized ring binders before everything else. Are you making use of ring binders in a conference environment that includes top level executives? Do you need corporate ring binders to present your yearly financial report to the board of directors? Are you making use of ring binders to present your company history and branding identity to new customers? By determining why you want to utilize ring binders, you’ll have an easier time organizing a design or concept. 

Make your branded ring binders more convenient to use and carry around. Because the item basically carries your company’s logo, colours, and typescript on the cover or the slip case, customers who carry it around-for whatever purpose- wherever they go are basically promoting your company already. Think through a size that will fit into most bags and consist of attributes, like tabbed dividers, that make perusing less difficult. Tabbed dividers will enable your recipients to have quick access to certain sections of your report or presentation, from your company’s background to the checklist of services you provide. 

Utilize a video element with your presentation binder. This is particularly beneficial if you’re handing out binders to the media or to younger target audience who are more receptive to multimedia pitches. Your video element could be a DVD version of the bound document or it could come with added features. There are some individuals who would choose to watch a presentation about your new service or your whole business rather than reading several pages. However there are also some people who are able to digest information better when they have a written version of a video presentation. So let your presentation binder take your business pitch up a notch with a creative DVD component.     

Ensure that the colours, the typescript, and your company’s logo are shown on the cover correctly and prominently. Your logo may be simple and your colours may seem typical, but they are exclusive to your business, so see to it that your brand identity is represented effectively on your ring binder covers and/or slip cases.  

Each item that bears your business’s identity is worth scrutinising. When it comes to ring binders that showcase your business and your pitch to target audience, careful examination will result in better designs and better features that secure the outcomes your company demands.  

Source - From Showcase Creative, the home of quality made personalised presentation binders for school or for business use.

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