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The construction business is by far the most profitable fields of business - however it is also one of the largest contributors towards the degradation of the Earth. Urbanisation and the development of contemporary structures may signify a country’s positive economic progress; even so, these also give way to the cutting of trees along with destruction of natural environments, as well as the greater emissions of carbon dioxide and other wastes via the manufacture of regularly used construction materials, which include cement. For today's individuals who want to do their part in keeping Mother Earth in excellent condition, constructing a house with these detrimental construction approaches is surely a poor decision. 

But, there is one substitute to contemporary construction approaches: rammed earth construction. This particular building approach demands the use of a mixture of raw earth, gravel, chalk and lime. Because these materials can be easily obtained in nature, this sort of construction delivers a very sustainable strategy to create properties. Also, since the materials are used raw and do not involve further refinement, making houses using rammed earth implies considerably less creation of hazardous toxins that are commonly by-products of processing.

Rammed earth walls are usually made by simply piling a damp blend of earth, clay as well as sand in a frame or mould, after which compressing this mixture until it forms a strong as well as stable structure. Frames and mould might be used again several times, thus lowering the need for more timber as well as cutting of trees. 

In earlier times, a number of materials, such as animal blood as well as lime, were combined with the mixture for more stability. Contemporary approaches, however, make use of cement, lime or perhaps asphalt stabilising additives. Other materials can even be put into the mix in order to generate different hues or perhaps designs. These include coloured oxides as well as eco friendly items such as bottles, some timber or perhaps rubber tires. This will make it possible to decrease waste materials in the environment because things that are normally thrown out are able to serve an additional function.

Although there are several ecological advantages to using rammed earth for constructing homes, this building approach also provides lots of advantages to property owners. Foremost of these is greater energy efficiency of homes. This is because rammed earth is an especially good insulator, and therefore, it assists preserve heat during winter and after that keeps homes cooler during very hot climates. Rammed earth Australia houses, for example, are particularly comfortable even with the country’s weather extremes. Besides helping house owners save more on energy, rammed earth structures also are fire proof and powerful enough to withstand earthquakes. This offers home owners much better protection for their safety and against financial losses.

Rammed earth is actually a very old construction technique-its use dates back to ancient China. But, this age-old building strategy could just be what is needed by house owners of the future.

Source: Earth Structures is an International group of companies specializing in rammed earth construction.

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