If there is one industry in Australia that is expected to increase and generate jobs in the next 5 years, it will be the construction industry. The sturdy performance of the Australian dollar along with the stable population growth is expected to power the growth of this business. In fact, the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace (DEEWR) anticipate that the construction sector should be able to present about 131,000 work opportunities in the midst of five years.

However before you hurry out to submit an application for a job in construction, you need to get yourself a white card. Also known as the Occupational Health and Safety Certificate, a white card is an important requirement for those who work in the construction sector. This induction card, mandated by the National Health and Safety Law, wishes to harmonise the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) systems across the Australian areas. Even with innovations in technologies and methods used, the construction job site can be a harmful place to work in, particularly if appropriate measures are usually not put into place. Having an Occupational Health and Safety certificate makes certain that project administrators, contractors, and labour-hire workers are equipped with knowledge about safe work practices, risk management principles, safety signs and symbols, and personal protection as well as the use of fire safety equipment.

An individual over fourteen years old can begin white card training which could be completed in only six hours. For individuals who are presently employed, their best choice to have this qualification is to study online. This can provide the individual an opportunity to learn at his or her own schedule, day or night. Certificates accomplished online are accepted across Australian states and areas except in South Australia the rules are a bit uncertain. Worksafe SA inspectors do accept the online training, however some site supervisors don’t recognize the online course. A good thing about the standardisation of the Occupational Health and Safety Certificate is that it no longer has an expiration date even though rules require that laborers who have worked in another business for more than 2 years take the training again.

Technology and globalisation can cause negative effects to industries. Some sectors such as the manufacturing industry have struggled due to the strong performance of the Australian currency and the low cost of labour abroad. On the other hand, construction gives lots of choices within Australia because of the confluence of the appropriate conditions - Australia’s population expansion and the building up of its overall economy. If you wish to secure an excellent job in the construction industry, it all begins with having a white card.


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