If you are a small business holder, one of the methods that you can do to be competitive with more well-known, similar companies is by designing a remarkable business brochure that’s not within the conventions of the catalogue most people are accustomed to.  The major point is to be exceptionally innovative and to choose superior quality materials that will instantly gain the appreciation and respect of those who will see it.

When most businesses showcase their items in a book or magazine format of catalogue, you can build a more favorable experience for your clients or consumers by supplying them a sample of the material that your products are built.  This will not be easy to do with a magazine or book style of catalogue, but this plan will be highly doable if you would use presentation folders with inserts.

How is this easy? You start by providing a design you want the inserts to have.  If you’re in the garment business, most likely the inserts will include photographs of the garments being sold. On one side of the page, draw squares that you can personally cut (it would be better however if the makers of these inserts can cut the hole for you to save time - be sure to discuss if they can do that to help you) and place the material sample or swatch to. You might request for the inserts to be a very thin two-fold kind that you can just glue properly to create a single, solid piece as soon as you’re finished connecting the samples. This might seem a lot of work but the concept really is straight forward and the even better thing is that your catalogue will not be like what most have been presented with before.

One other way of creating this responsive catalogue is by creating pockets for the inserts where you can put in the samples.  The samples will not be as secure, however, and will likely go missing but this solution is just as effective.

Now, if you’re really out to inspire and absolutely set your brand separate from the competition, take motivation from books - pop-up books and the likes of Griffin and Sabine by Nick Bantock.  Start out with a good quality presentation folder that expands so the inserts can be multifaceted. You can transform the presentation of your products into a story and put in more objects to the inserts to turn catalogue-viewing into a thrilling and highly sensory encounter.  Just be certain that your folder and inserts are made with the best quality materials and can endure the customisations that you intend to do.

Creativity and uniqueness are commonly a good edge when it concerns business and marketing.  Even if you’re a small business, do not be lacking creative plans, transform ordinary yet top quality products like presentation folders and inserts into impressive tools for your business.

Source - From Showcase Creative, the leading company offering remarkable effective tools for promoting business.

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