Coolpac Data Loggers
Cooling systems and other systems designed to maintain consistent temperatures might be some of the most critical developments man has created. Compact temperature trackers and insulated shipping containers help make it possible to manufacture, contain and send out consumable products, including food and prescription drugs, while keeping their top quality during these processes. Handling spoilable substances involves tight temperature control and, as such, the sort and excellence of the monitoring devices utilized should be contemplated thoroughly. Here's a list of the main factors to be considered in choosing temperature data loggers for business operations:

Accuracy and reaction time - As mentioned previously, temperature control throughout managing consumable resources is of utmost importance, as the slightest alteration can badly threaten delicate components (such as chemicals and food ingredients) used in the procedure. As such, it’s important that firms should focus on consistency when purchasing temperature tracking gadgets to guarantee the good quality of their products. Response time is yet another necessary factor since the speed at which the device takes temperature conditions can affect the accuracy of real-time measurements. Tracking equipment should undertake standard temperature testing and calibration processes to make certain top quality device performance.

Ease of use - Temperature loggers should be simple to operate to halt any kind of errors in data collection. Necessary matters to think about include the installation and setup process for the system, the manner in which information is read, and how information is downloaded to or processed by using a laptop or computer. Apart from being functional for people who have distinct levels of skill, temperature monitors also need to include software that is certainly easy to integrate with computers currently being used by the company, irrespective of whether it’s a Windows-based computer or a Mac.

Sturdiness - Temperature loggers will undoubtedly be open to several conditions, and therefore must have adequate protection against severe temperature ranges, ice formation, moisture, humidity and condensation. Aside from damage as a result of water and extreme cold, temperature tracking devices should also be protected against damage a result of shock and vibration, which are quite common during the course of delivery and transfer of products.

Battery and replacement - Temperature tracking is usually done for extended time periods, and therefore, temperature loggers needs to have sufficient battery life to last during the whole process. In addition to looking at power usage and effectiveness, it’s likewise a good idea to ask about the replacement procedure for battery packs. Several temperature tracking systems include specialized battery packs that may simply be changed by manufacturers, while some use regular battery types that could be swapped out by end users if needed. Sending temperature logging devices straight back to manufacturers can be a hassle in the end, so it’s preferable to choose devices designed to use typical battery packs instead.

Source: http://www.coolpac.com – a company established in 2000. We design, qualify/validate, locally manufacture and supply temperature controlled packaging solutions with a focus on Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Clinical Research.

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