A new business. A prosperous year in sales. The holidays. Whatever the occasion, your company will have a repeated need to hand out top quality goods to customers and employees to show your gratitude. Among the most essential and cost-effective gifts to give is the diary. Many companies prefer diaries to share because they are useful and so have a subtle way of telling the recipient about your company. Premier dealer of Italian-made branded journals, notebooks, leather accessories, and writing instruments, Castelli, recently presented their Castelli Diaries 2013 collection. To assist businesses like yours obtain the most out of their business give away, below are top three present ideas that will make your diaries different.

Present the perfect treat to the consummate note taker by thinking about a gift set. Several present packages may come with elegant pens while other packages have pocket notepads. The gift package you select will depend on what you think your recipient will prefer. Whether the gift is for the holidays or right after a worthwhile merger involving your business and the other corporation, be sure to choose a present set having a luxurious wrapping. Incidentally, Castelli gift packages are available in unique wrapping cases.

Match the diary or journal you’re going to give away to the individual. This makes your corporate present seem more thoughtful, enabling your recipient to experience their worth to your business whether being a client or a worker. If your receiver likes impressive illustrations, Castelli’s vivid designs from their 2013 Prismalux and Satalux collection would be advisable. If your receiver values the environment and is devoted to green projects, choose Basic Eco-Friendly collection.

Customise your corporate presents. This is aside from having your company’s emblem, tagline, and hues on the Castelli diaries you’re giving away. For your most precious staff and clients, put an unexpected effect by having their names written or embossed on the cover. You can differentiate the two recipients by using several types of materials and cover shades. You can also select simpler designs but with high-class outlining for older level executives and more innovative styles for your employees.

Giving gifts to your treasured clients and to your staff maintains that relationship you wish to enhance. Presents for clients are a way of enabling brand recall for your company and a good way to present your thankfulness for their continuing business. Giving gifts to your personnel exhibits an equal thankfulness for the effort they do to grow your company. For whatever event and whomever the recipient, think about the numerous ways your 2013 diaries will stand out from other promotional gifts. And apply these top three ideas.

Castelli – a company that produces corporate diaries, note books and other writing instruments that can be use as a holiday give away or corporate gifts for their customers and workers as well.

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