One of the ideal steps to widen awareness of a company’s brand is by giving out free promotional products to the consumer. Individuals appreciate getting things free-of-charge, especially when these objects can be used for more than just marketing purposes. There are certain attributes that guarantee strength of a promotional item, and entrepreneurs should be aware of these when picking promotional items for their companies.

The most important component that a marketing item must have is value. The chosen item has got to be useful, practical or at least entertaining; otherwise, recipients of the product will just stash it in a hidden place never to be seen again, or more terrible, throw it out with the garbage. A marketing item that is not used or perceived by its viewers is of no use not only for its receivers, but also for the company; after all, the purpose behind its distribution is to get the brand recognized by more people. To search for valuable items for a particular audience, try to imagine what the members of the market might need. For example, if your target market is made up of students or office workers, printed lanyards to hold identification cards are a good item to give away. Whereas, if your audience resides in an area with a hot climate, then stubby holders that can keep drinks cool can be of value to them.

Aside from value, an additional important quality that promo items must have is durability. One purpose of marketing is to increase awareness - get as many people to check out the brand and know the company behind it. An additional objective is to make a long-lasting impact on the public and get the brand’s identity and logo ingrained in their mind. The first goal can be accomplished by providing necessary promotional materials. The second goal, on the other hand, can be accomplished by providing promotional items that last a long time. As such, printed pens and other practical promo materials, such as bags and flash drives should be both functional and heavy-duty. You wouldn’t manage to build a lasting memory with customers if the product they obtained stops working and is discarded in just a short time.

The final consideration when choosing promotional products is style. In marketing, image is everything - and the presentation of an item can have some influence on the public’s perception of the brand. In addition to creating a company’s image, style is also significant since it can influence a product’s usability. For instance, if the company chooses to give away shirts or tailor made caps, they have to make certain that these are stylish enough for people to wear. Poor design can keep customers from using a product, rendering it non-functional and decreasing its overall value as an effect.

About the author: Mike Craig is a company owner who was satisfied with the promotional products provided by On Time Promotional Products.

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